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 The scanner is of no use if it’s not stuffed with the appropriate functions that will allow it to execute in the way you want. The Epson Perfection V500 Scanner model can restore a tacky photograph with just only one touch. It can also erase dust and scratches from old slides and negatives that you thought can no more be used. V500 Scanner also has a document feeder function and that is optional. It also permits the user to scan many documents/files at a time.

But, its scanner glass sometimes occurs some glitches which make the poor quality of scanned documents. So, Epson also serves their customer through Epson Printer Support Number service program, from where any user can get support for their scanners issues.

It apparently allows the users to save an extensive amount of time as you don’t have to scan each document/file separately. The user should also keep in mind that there is an adequate LED inside the scanner. It permits the scanner to produce scanning output that is much smarter and it remarkably reduces the power utilization.

Effective Functions

The scanner is efficient of scanning the slides, both negative and positive, in high-quality and with excellent speed. It also has a certain application that has functions like color restoration. This function allows the user to restore color in the slides that have got tacky. The digital Image Correction and Enhancement (ICE) technology present in the machine helps the device in erasing scratches and dust particles from the scanned prints. The user should carry in mind that if ICE technology is used by the scanner then it’ll make distinct passes over the slides in order to ensure full analysis of the slides before the last print is delivered. It will only take some time. 

The user will also be found the ABBY Fine Reader in this package. It’s very effective as far as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is concerned. It helps the user to scan even the every minute punctuations and letters. It’s also very useful as it helps to get the documents/files scanned directly to PDF or emails and therefore, your task becomes a lot easier as you don’t need to convert documents by yourself. Your task of editing the files/documents also becomes a lot easier. 

When you’re scanning normal files, negative or positive slides, it’s advisable that you use a dedicated resolution which should not more than 2400 dpi. It also adds different accessories that allow the scanner to work with amazing effect.  Document and Photo scanners from Epson have been gaining much popularity. They are stuffed with some fantastic functions and thus the whole steps of scanning become a lot simpler. This, in turn, helps the user to save a lot of time which they can utilize for other objectives.

Epson Scanner Help Center

If you’re getting any trouble while scanning your document and photos in your scanner then you can call over the phone to Epson Tech Support and get a solution for your issue. They also provide Email and Live Chat support mechanism with 24/7, 365 days availability. They provide support for every type and brand of scanner like Epson, HP, Canon, Xerox etc.